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Group photo

Annual St Cyprian's trip for grade 6 - 1999

In November 1999 I was asked by Ikapa Tours and Travel to drive a coachload of Grade 6 girls to the De Hoop Nature Reserve for their annual outdoor education program.
We had a very enjoyable week, staying at Koppie Alleen (which means hill on its' own). The girls were very active in between studying dunes, both hard and shifting, limestone and sandstone, as well as the inter-relationship between fynbos (part of our Cape floral Kingdom, meaning fine bush) and the creatures that live in it. We also compared the rocky shore and sandy shore and the creatures living on them. One evening we went to draw animals at sunset. We did a day hike looking for vultures and the black eagle, on Potberg mountain, and the next evening another hike along a coastal path.
I could tell you more, but I've been sworn to secrecy (on pain of death) by the teachers.
The pictures were taken by the children

The living dunes
Thandi and pupil The rocky shore
The rocky shore In the caves Group activities. The front of the bus. The back of the bus.